Securing Argenta’s ‘healthy financial lives’ story


One of Belgium’s largest financial institutions, Argenta sets great store by excellent customer experience, putting it at the heart of its strategy.

Unseen, yet at the heart of Argenta’s customer experience

Argenta is Belgium’s fifth largest financial institution, with almost two million customers in Belgium and the Netherlands. As a company, Argenta supports its customers in leading healthy financial lives by providing clear, honest and close-at-hand financial services. Van Ameyde helps secure this story with a technology-driven claims process that boost both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

True partnership drives the success of Argenta’s long-term collaboration with Van Ameyde. It began when Argenta transferred its claims department to Van Ameyde and moved to Van Ameyde’s claims management platform, steps aimed at helping it to secure its ambitions. Decisions, ranging from further process digitisation to introducing the Lean approach to claims management, are made together. Just as importantly, this approach is fully embraced by its staff. A decade ago, Argenta claims managers became Van Ameyde claims managers – overnight. And became proud ambassadors, dedicated to providing outstanding services to Argenta’s policyholders!

The results of the partnership are astonishing, with the highlight being a net promotor (customer satisfaction) score of +50! This is unprecedented in the insurance industry, and no mean feat considering that the same number of people are now handling twice the number of claims!

This is Argenta’s story. What’s yours?
“With these people, at both Van Ameyde and Argenta, the partnership can only lead to even more resounding successes!”
Deen Ovart Argenta

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