Asset valuation and management

Valuation and management of high-value fixed assets for tax, economic and insurance purposes.

Valuations of fixed assets serve a multitude tax, economic and other purposes. They also provide valuable information in case of losses. Knowing the pre-incident value of buildings, machinery, equipment and plant accelerates resolution dramatically should something terrible happen. And it helps hugely in other cases, too, such as expropriation, losses resulting from government planning decisions and ground-lease disputes. Van Ameyde’s registered valuers and RICS surveyors are the experts of choice for:  

  • Valuation of fixed assets for tax, economic and insurance purposes;
  • Estate management and land agency services;
  • Management of purchase price allocation deals.

High-value fixed assets in expert hands

Van Ameyde Specialists are entrusted with the high-value assets of virtually every industry. We have valued the assets of port terminals, hospitals and power plants, plus agricultural estates and forestry. And we help our clients with their negotiation of long-term ground rents, investments and divestments.

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