Van Ameyde’s solution assists fleet managers to discover and register vehicle damages.

The increasing dependency on rental platforms results in an accumulating problem to identify and record the damages. Fleet managers find it exceedingly challenging to establish who is responsible for the damages due to the number of clients sharing the same vehicle in a certain time frame.

In collaboration with Eviid, the developer of the platform enabling the creation and storage of evidential media, Van Ameyde introduces BuckleUp to help claim handlers and surveyors assess damages more efficiently

BuckleUp is an ideal registration tool for fleet-, rental-, or car-sharing services involving multiple drivers. Our solution enables a policyholder to record a video of the damage and upload it on the platform from anywhere at any time. Both videos detailing the status of the vehicle before and after the rental are uploaded to the platform. Each media item is wrapped with a time, date and, location stamp which cannot be tampered with.  In case of an accident, the claim handler can easily access the media on their desktop, which reduces the costs of on-site experts. Furthermore, these media files can be shared internally with experts for additional input.

Even with a 3G connection, the user can upload the video to our secure, GDPR compliant platform.

Fraud prevention, reduced costs, and quicker damage tracking!

The key benefits of BuckleUp are

  • Efficient and customer-friendly damage assessment– The user can file a claim with an intuitive combination of video and speech
  • Fraud prevention– The secure and controlled environment prevents the uploaded media from being tampered with or shared on social media
  • Hassle-free integration– Ready to be integrated and used on any device
  • Shorter Video upload time– The media can be uploaded within minutes with only a 3G or even a GPRS connection

Our solution assists the fleet managers to monitor the vehicle’s status efficiently and helps to reduce the carbon footprint through a remote assessment which can be easily accessed on the platform.

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